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Something you need to know . . . Emmaus and Chrysalis is NOT a church.   These international organizations were created to strengthen the local church by creating strong Christian leaders who are devoted to sharing the Love of Jesus Christ and assisting the clergy to build the Kingdom of God.

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The Ohio Valley Emmaus community is in need of members who are interested in serving the community on the Emmaus Board.  Currently, there are the key positions of Agape Chair and Communications Chair open that need to be filled as soon as possible for our community to continue to offer new pilgrims a complete Emmaus experience.

There are also other Board positions that will be open beginning in 2017.  We are looking for those who feel they can make a difference in the community and bring some new ideas to the table.  If you feel led to find out more about one of the open Board positions, please contact Nancy Vannest at 740-484-4422 for more information.




Gatherings are just that - monthly gatherings, on the third Friday of each month, for those who've been on Emmaus Walks and Chrysalis Flights.  However, anyone is welcome at these monthly meetings, including friends, family and guests!

We always start with a covered dish dinner followed by Worship at and Fellowship at 7:00 p.m.



FRIDAY, December 16th, 2016 -

Caldwell United Methodist Church
537 Main Street
Caldwell, OH  43724


Board Meeting at 6:00 p.m. and Dinner at 7:00 p.m.

For dates and more information on upcoming Gatherings, please check our Gatherings page.  HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!




May 20, 2016

To all members of the Ohio Valley Emmaus Community:

As the new chairperson for Community Development on the Board for Ohio Valley Emmaus, I am eager to form a network of people willing to be an AREA contact representative for our Emmaus Community.

The task of only one person (myself) getting in touch with all of the various church or other groups throughout the geographic locations for our widespread community would be impossible. The success of this great venture will be accomplished as the Lord should speak to many of you about becoming an AREA contact representative. You can choose the breadth of the geographic area that you would be willing to represent. Many counties are so large and we are an ecumenical organization (open to all denominations) that it would not be feasible for one person to contact all the prospective churches or groups. Our task is to contact churches/groups in our areas to find pastors, church groups, etc. who are open to a visit for presentation of a video and a personal sharing about what Emmaus means to us and the value it offers to local churches.

Many Emmaus communities have up to a two year waiting list of pilgrims wanting to participate in a Walk. Prayer and Community Development through outreach to various church denominations is a significant contributor to reaching prospective pilgrims and future workers in the Emmaus community. The network which God will lead us to form will make a difference in the growth and sustainability of our Emmaus community.

Also, I would like to have a planning meeting with as many people as possible so that we all can work out a basic information packet to keep a general consistency to what is said, but also leaving room for various personal testimonies.

Considering the fact that you each know the churches in your respective cities and counties, it would be most helpful if we could have you get in touch with the AREA contact representative who is closest to you, and then provide them with the information which you are aware of. You are to prayerfully ask the Lord to lead you to the pastors and churches which may be open to learn about Walk to Emmaus. Then, you are asked to give them a call to find out for sure. If they are open to such a presentation of approximately 30-45 minutes, then please provide your AREA contact representative with the name of the pastor, the church, address, and phone number. The AREA contact representative will be responsible to set up the meeting.

After each meeting, the AREA contact representative will provide me with a report of how the meeting went. I will be tracking our progress along the way.

If any of you are willing to become an AREA contact representative, please send me an e-mail with your complete contact information: Name, mailing address, phone and e-mail address.

Thank you for prayerfully considering and volunteering to assist me with this massive and significant project.

Ed Stewart
Chair, Community Development
(304) 232-4039 [home] (304) 639-3479 [cell] … please leave me a message if I do not answer.




Think back to the weekend you went on your Emmaus Walk. A lot of us didn't want to stay on Thursday night. We were a little unsure of what this weekend was going to be like. On Friday we began to experience wonderful food and Friday evening we started to find little "treasures" under our overturned plates. As we moved into Saturday, we felt a bond with the others at our table and knew God had a hand in weaving our group together. Saturday night brought us the love the community as they came in for our candlelight. Sunday found things picking up speed with no posters, songs or skits to create. We received our agape letters from family and friends. It was all brought together as the Lay Director placed the cross around our neck and said "Christ is counting on you." We responded with "I am counting on Christ".

Your Emmaus Walk would not have happened without
  • people to prepare the food
  • people to work in the conference room as table leader, assistant table leader, assistant lay director, lay director, song leader or clergy
  • people who had everything ready when we needed it, did the dishes, cleaned the rest rooms, prepared the church for candlelight, set up the wall for the conference room
  • people who set the tables and put the agape under the plates
  • people who made the agape prior to the weekend
  • sponsors who told us about the weekend, picked us up and took us home
  • the people who signed up for the 72 hour prayer vigil
Several members in our community who played these key roles are no longer able to complete these tasks. We need you to step up and help where you are comfortable. If you have never turned on a dial on the stove...the kitchen may not be the place for you but you might work with logistics to keep everything working smoothly in the background. A group of two or three might take on the kitchen so they can share the responsibilities.

Going on an Emmaus Walk is a blessing, but serving others as they experience their Emmaus Walk is as just as much of a blessing, if not more.